Chapter III…Fallen Angel

Scandalous! from the cradle to the grave, innocence to debauchery.
The rebellious angel, once revered, now shamed and scandalised.

The look

Moulded and sculptured Natural Python Bustier.

Antique silk tulle gown adorned with embroidered skeleton birds.

Python Headdress with Dirty blonde Horsetail.

Draped and cascading skeletal python antique silk veils.

Sculptured Natural Python Pants.

The History

Influenced and un ashamedly inspired by our Lingerie & Corsetry collections, the delicate embroidered silks blending effortlessly with the savage beauty of the natural python. The combination of the silk and snake for the Fallen Angel create an exotic and elegant mix of innocence with something rather dark, curious and voyeuristic.

Our Gothic Horsetail headdress was originally created for the Animal Ball in 2012 and exhibited at Sothebys, we have recreated the style in a combination of dirty blonde horsehair, antique ivory silk and natural python.

Mood & Emotion

We always wanted to create an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling for the Fallen Angel. Starting with innocence, through to cigarettes and booze, drugs and rehab, all to the soundtrack of Courtney Love’s rasping and husky vocals. Compelling and addictive we can’t stop watching someones downfall and self destruction, as long as its not happening to us! There for the grace of God go I…!

It is a tale of a fall from grace, even in her more glamorous moments she wears the headdress like a crown of thorns, weighing heavy on her head.
Always influenced & inspired by rebels of music, film, literature and popular culture, this character is inspired by our respect for the spirit and style of the unapologetic & iconic Courtney Love.

Chapter III…Fallen Angel


Courtney Love & Hole – ‘Live through this’

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