Paul Seville

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The background: First and foremost an innovator, designer, and leather craftsman extraordinaire, Paul Seville is an instrumental player in the global phenomenon for designer fashion accessories in the boudoir. One of the UK’s finest leather accessory designers and innovators of today, Irish born Seville’s distinguished and much imitated skills in leather-craft are entirely self-taught. Discovering a method of how to convert his passion for traditional leather craft, with a healthy dose of eccentric boudoir couture and his natural born adeptness for turning natural leather skins into a commercially viable venture in the early 1990’s, his designs have become a recognised brand in their own right. A professionally trained fashion designer & tailor from London college of Fashion, feted for his unpredictable creations, Paul initially designed and produced hand carved & moulded Bespoke corsets and bustiers before working by hand creating leather furniture for shop interiors.

Collaborating with some of the biggest fashion designers and international couture houses in the world to create catwalk pieces, Seville is a key player in the industry; he has worked with Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier couture to name a few. Instantly recognised for his Inimitable style and distinctive innovation and techniques in his debut collections, he was at once awarded sponsorship by New Generation to showcase his collections during London Fashion Week. After Fashion College in the 1980’s, he meticulously studied his art, experimenting from rare and vintage library books, resourcefully taking age old traditional techniques and developing his own style. Fashioning new textures and techniques for dyeing, moulding, etching and carving into leather, Paul created his signature winning formula. His absolute love for corsetry along with his skills as a tailor, are integral in the success, in particular the intricacy and detailed construction methods. Blending old-school leather craftsmanship and couture, Seville concocts a delicious mix of exotic skins, including snakeskin and stingray, sterling silver & Swarovski crystals, his pieces are regulars at the Paris industry shows.

The Technique: Seville seriously celebrates his craft. He relishes in the natural born effects of the skins he works with. Anything but just another leather accessory maker, Seville’s genius methods of leather craftsmanship seriously stand out in the industry. Each design is created using natural undyed leather; each texture and colour design is created individually in order to compliment each unique product. Every single colour or dye is burnished into the skins, however not on a full leather skin; rather the individual finished product, thus the effect of the natural markings and stitching is emphasised. Therefore a unique piece is created every single time Paul makes anything. Take his celebrated Moulded Masks – it takes 24 hours to create the moulded leather, then this is dyed, metallic linings are added & the final layer of colour is burnished. The process is a long, carefully mastered, meticulous process. This is how the ‘paul seville signature’ style is created.

One of a kind, Seville stands alone with his art; where he succeeds in his individuality and where many have attempted to imitate, he incorporates old traditional leather craft tools and techniques to create an exceptional signature style, which is 100% exclusive to his brand. This uniqueness to his brand, his creations, his persona, still today play a major part in his current collections which continue to be a runaway commercial success story in an highly specialist but competitive industry.

The Brand: Seville was the originator in luxury erotica, luxury leather bedroom accessories. Timing was everything for the success of the Seville brand, for it was allowed to develop at its own natural pace without the stigma of ‘fetish’ references which tended to be the norm in the early days; when such accessories were kept underground.

It was only when Seville produced an exclusive collection for luxury erotic emporium, Coco de Mer - one of his first collaborations with a retailer - when his house style flourished, “No one was ever really offended by these products. The only difference now, was that designers had been given the freedom and motivation to create quality boudoir products, where previously there were no channels to sell; Coco de Mer came first and increasingly, more boutiques opened worldwide, from Moscow to Mexico”.

In fact, Paul Seville was the first designer to produce a range of luxury leather intimate boudoir accessories; his early collections and product lines helped to create the market & genre for this type of commodity; the ‘boudoir and intimate’ collections form the main body of the brand. Finally the UK high street had stopped being so cautious and ‘British’ , growing more confident and bold, creatively speaking. As Paul says, “Increasingly there was a growing demand for creativity in product development where previously only the Catwalk shows of Givenchy, Alexander McQueen & Victoria’s Secrets would allow; refreshingly there were exclusive boutiques opening worldwide with the foresight to appreciate the need to push the boundaries of accessory design without compromising on quality or style”.

The Product Lines: Seville’s product lines include a host of vibrant products; to name a few: the Original Horsetail Corset, Corsets, Belts & Waspies, Harnesses and Body Jewellery, Gauntlets, Handcuffs, Paddles, Horse Hair and Human Hair whips, Ticklers and Strap-Ons, Headdresses and the Signature Moulded Mask. The collections are produced and exhibited seasonally in Paris and London.

A regular feature in the international press circuit, Seville’s pieces continue to make headlines and reach the global style makers, including features in the glossy coffee table limited edition book ‘Design Behind Desire’ and Rock Star Chic, Seville’s products are stocked at luxury retailers across the world, throughout Europe from London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid and Germany through to North America including New York and Los Angeles.

Gallery 58: Founded in 2008 by Steph Aman & Paul Seville to showcase their collections and ideas. A sensory overload of magical luxury extraordinaire, Gallery 58 is a modern day pleasure dome.